Important information…It was noticed by several users that our new RFI filter was overdoing things a bit (actually one of the flags was wrong) leading to a very reduced amount of available brightness temperatures.We are working on this issue and already François and Stéphane have patched the bug and tests were carried out at CESBIO before implementation which is underway at CATDS.The new products will have version number 310Very soon the operational algorithm will release -less abusely filtered –  L3TB data (with more measurements thus) and we will also reprocess the whole data set (both L3TB and RFI).

4 thoughts on “Changes in SMOS L3 TB

  1. Is it possible that the wrong flagging is exactly after 2015/02/25 within the RE04 dataset?When can we recon with the new reprocessed dataset?Thanks!

  2. Hello\nThe new dataset should be available either now or very soon\n\nI will post it on the blog.\n\nCheers\n\nyann

  3. But how about the soil moisture data, which is also based on the TB? I found that with the previous version of L3 the RFI was also reduced largely when filtering the RFI with a threshold (e.g. 0.1). If it is possible to update the Soil Moisture data as well?Thanks a lot

  4. Hello \nRFI is certainly an issue we are trying to reduce \nthe Soil moisture is already computed accounting for RFI (but in some cases still present giving way to drier soils)\n\nCheers\n\nyann

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