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SMOS deployment plan for the new level 1 and level 2 algorithm baseline V620

28 April 2015

ESA would like to inform SMOS data users that next week a new level 1 and level 2  algorithm baseline  (V620) will be deployed in the operational ground segment. For this reason the production of the SMOS level 1, level 2 products will be suspended on 05 May 2015. It is planed to resume the production and the dissemination of the level 1, level 2 products on 07 May 2015 in the evening.After the deployment of the new level 2 algorithm baseline, the various current files used to process the data will reach gradually the required accuracy.   For this reason the nominal quality of the  level 2 products will be recovered after about  6 days for the soil moisture products and after about 10 days for the sea surface salinity productsAt the same time, ESA will also make available the level 1 reprocessed products generated by the new algorithm baseline version 620. The reprocessed products will be initially available for the period from January 2010 to January 2015. A catch-up reprocessing  for the period  from February 2015 to May 2015 will be done in the coming weeks.Further information  will be provided after the successful deployment of the processors on how reprocessed data will be accessible.

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